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My name is Melissa B, I'm originally from Massachusetts but currently residing in Los Angeles, although my heart remains firmly rooted on the East Coast.


A desire to create and experience things from different perspectives, combined with a unique sensitivity to alternate points of view, has always been a fundamental part of who I am since childhood. Whether it is expressed through art therapy, art projects, interior design, drawing, painting, or my newfound passion for children's illustration, I cannot deny the allure of this adventure.


I particularly enjoy working with oil pastels and acrylic paints, employing a process of Automatism when creating my works. I draw inspiration from mid-century portraiture, various cultural influences, and spirituality. Exploring the depths of my subconscious through creative expression is an essential commitment I make to myself. From small sketches to large-scale paintings, my art serves as a deeply personal reflection of myself, and my life experiences.


Making a meaningful impact on myself and others with my art is of great importance to me.

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